What’s At Stake

We are AANHPIs. Asian Americans. Native Hawaiians. Pacific Islanders.

For too long, we have been told that our communities are “statistically insignificant.” That we weren’t big enough to matter. But every one of us is significant. Each of us has a voice. We matter.

And together, we are the fastest-growing ethnic group and political voices in America.

We are moving from being “statistically insignificant” to becoming “electorally consequential.” There is a lot at stake in 2024, and fighting for our collective future has never been more important.

There is power in data.
There is power in each one of us.
There is power in community.

Together, we have Power in Numbers.

Introducing the Power In Numbers campaign, a national community-led effort to drive lasting policy change and investments in civic engagement that empower and ensure our AANHPI communities are respected, recognized, and prioritized.

Our Campaign Goals

We are pushing state & federal policymakers to ensure that AANHPI communities are recognized and prioritized

We are prioritizing accurate data and timely  insights, and community-friendly tools to create positive social change and policy impact

We are amplifying and engaging AANHPI communities at the state and local level to demonstrate our power in numbers and increase investments in civic engagement

Community Counts

The AANHPI Community Counts Dashboard is the first major activation of Power In Numbers, showcasing critical data and numbers of our AANHPI communities.

Who Are We?

We are are mighty coalition of over 40 AANHPI organizations, and growing. From national organizations and coalitions to public commissions, service providers and advocacy organizations across various states and regions.